Curved Display, Bigger Batteries And Maybe a new Processor. What's On Your Wishlist For Samsung Galaxy Watch 6?


3/4/20231 min read

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 model number just got leaked few days back and we have battery information for the next Galaxy Watch. Galaxy Watch 6 will have a 5.7% bigger battery than last generation and according to more rumors Galaxy Watch 6 PRO could also see a similar trend. In addition to battery according to Ice Universe Samsung is going to introduce a curved display with Galaxy Watch 6 like Pixel Watch or you can say Galaxy Watch Active 2 as shown below.

Samsung has been working for quite sometime on non-invasive blood glucose monitor but so far no practical device has been introduced to the market. Plus Samsung is working on a mini LED display for upcoming Galaxy Watch.

How will Mini LED Display Enhance the Galaxy Watch 6?

One of the main benefits of the Mini LED display on the Galaxy Watch 6 is its ability to produce a brighter and more vibrant image. This is especially important for a device that is worn on the wrist, as it can be difficult to see the display in certain lighting conditions. With the Mini LED display, the Galaxy Watch 6 will have a much clearer and more readable display in all lighting conditions.

The Mini LED display also allows for a higher level of detail in images and text. This is important for a smartwatch, as users often need to read messages or emails on the device. With the Mini LED display, the text will be clearer and easier to read, and images will be more detailed and lifelike.Another benefit of the Mini LED display is its energy efficiency. As mentioned earlier, Mini LED technology requires less power to produce a brighter image. This means that the Galaxy Watch 6 will have a longer battery life than previous models, which is a significant improvement for a wearable device that is designed to be worn all day.