Samsung Drops Classic Naming In Latest Health App


9/16/20221 min read

The latest Samsung Health app mentions all the accessories that are compatible with Samsung devices. From Gear S3 all the way to Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are mentioned, but surprisingly this app also confirms the naming of next gen Galaxy Watch. So, Samsung this year will drop Galaxy Watch 5 Classic naming and according to some sources this name change is due to removal of rotating bezel on Galaxy Watch 5.

These are the Galaxy Watch 5 models which are coming this August.

Galaxy Watch 5

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

With removal of rotating bezel Samsung might want to add a bit extra battery while still maintaining a light weight watch kinda like the Tic Watch Pro 3 which has massive battery of 577mAh. What are your thoughts on this? Removal of rotating bezel from Galaxy Watch 5 will be a good decision from Samsung? Let's just wait and see what's the reaction of public on this bold move.