Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 To Come With Even Bigger Battery


3/1/20231 min read

Battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has been leaked and the 40mm model of the Galaxy Watch 6 will have a 300mAh battery, that’s about 5% increase from the predecessor. In the same way Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will feature a bit more battery than the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Galaxy Watch 6 300 mAh Battery

Also this time Samsung may debut their first ever Mini LED display in a smartwatch. With Mini LED display Samsung will give users a vit more brighter display while still using less power. This is also good for battery life. One thing that Samsung need to address is the SoC that they are using in their smartwatches. It's the same from Galaxy Watch 4 Exynos W920. Samsung should debut a new SoC that's more faster and power efficient than existing Exynos W920.

Galaxy Watch 5 PRO Using An OLED Display

The Galaxy Watch 6’s battery for the 40mm version has been spotted (by GalaxyClub) on Safety Korea’s website. It carries model number EB-BR935ABY and has an advertised capacity of 300mAh. In comparison, the 40mm version of the Galaxy Watch 5 has a 284mAh battery. That’s a 5% bigger capacity, but it’s an increase in capacity nonetheless. If Samsung brings a more power-efficient display and chipset, it could still offer improved battery life. Let's wait and see what Samsung does with their next Galaxy Watch.