Samsung To Bring Back Curved Display With Galaxy Watch 6 Confirmed!!


2/23/20231 min read

According to the famous leakster Ice Universe, it's now confirmed that Galaxy Watch 6 won't be having a flat display like Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5. Samsung is switching back to curved displays. In the past Samsung has used such a display with Galaxy Watch Active 2. We don't know the final design of Galaxy Watch 6 yet but it's now confirmed that it won't be having a flat display at all.

Is this decision of moving to a curved display good or not, only time will tell. Google's Pixel Watch is also having such curved display so that might be a reason Samsung want to experiment with this type of design. Making watch display a bit curved makes it look more premium but that's at the cost of less durability as those curved edges are more prone to damage.

Watch Active 2 Display Which IS Curved Around The Edges

What are your thoughts on this? Also this display might be equipped with Samsung's Mini LED technology that's more power efficient but also more bright than current generation OLED Samsung is using with Watch 5 and Watch 5 PRO.