Samsung to bring back rotating mechanical bezel with the PRO model this year.


3/13/20231 min read

Samsung listened to the feedback of customers and now they are finally bringing back the most iconic thing related to Samsung Galaxy Watch, and that's the rotating mechanical bezel.

Thankfully, Samsung has listened to feedback from its customers and is bringing the rotating bezel back with the Galaxy Watch 6. In fact, leaks and rumors suggest that the bezel may be even more advanced than before, with haptic feedback and additional customization options.

Galaxy Watch 6 Pro With Touch Bezel

Korean tipster @SuperRoader, who has been right on several occasions in the past, has revealed that Samsung is bringing back the physical rotating bezel this year. It will only be available on the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, so if you’re planning on getting the base Galaxy Watch 6, you’ll have to make do with the digital bezel.

For those unfamiliar with the rotating bezel, it is essentially a physical ring that surrounds the watch face and can be turned to navigate through menus and apps. It provides a tactile and intuitive way to interact with the watch, and many users have praised its convenience and ease of use. The original Galaxy Watch was widely lauded for its rotating bezel, and its absence from the Galaxy Watch Active was a disappointment for many fans.