The Next Galaxy Watch will be announced on July 26th


5/17/20231 min read

Samsung's next Unpacked event is expected to take place on July 26th 2023 according to trusted sources. This time Samsung is holding this event a bit earlier due to sluggish semiconductor sales. In order to improve revenues Samsung will introduce their next gen products.

There are a number of products that are rumored to be announced at the next Unpacked event. These include:

  • The Galaxy Z Flip 5

  • The Galaxy Z Fold 5

  • The Galaxy Watch 6

  • The Galaxy Buds Pro 2

  • The Galaxy Tab S9

  • The Galaxy Tab S9+

  • The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Galaxy Watch 4 with rotating bezel that will also come with Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

The Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Buds Pro 2 are expected to be the next generation of Samsung's smartwatches and wireless earbuds. The watches are rumored to have improved health tracking features, and the earbuds are rumored to have better sound quality and noise cancellation. Other features will include

  • A new design with a thinner and lighter body plus comeback of rotating mechanical bezel

  • A larger display with a higher resolution

  • A new processor that is faster and more efficient

  • Improved health tracking features, including blood pressure monitoring and body composition analysis

  • Longer battery life

  • Support for new Wear OS 4 features, such as WhatsApp and more.