Wear OS 4 finally puts an end to this annoying setting


5/11/20231 min read

Galaxy Watch 4 and above users will be getting this feature via the Wear OS 4 update that will come with One Ui 5 later this year. One Ui 5 beta for Galaxy Watch will start to roll out soon in May or June. Keep in mind that One Ui 5 will come out of the box on upcoming galaxy Watch 6 and stable release for this update for Watch 5 and 4 will be available around the release of Galaxy Watch 6.

Galaxy Watch 4 showing a prompt to reset smartwatch if you want to pair a new phone

Wear OS 4 announced by Google at I/O 2023 finally puts an end to this setting and now users can connect to any new phone without resetting their smartwatch making whole watch experience a bit more seamless.

Samsung smartwatches with Wear OS and even before with Tizen OS had this annoying setting where user had to reset their smartwatch before connecting or pairing to a new phone. That means if you wanted to pair your watch to a new phone you had to reset your watch clearing all settings, watch faces and more if you haven’t backed it up.