Wear OS is now 5 times more popular thanks to Samsung smartwatches

5/11/20231 min read

At Google I/O it was disclosed that Wear OS is now about 5 times more popular since the launch of Wear OS 3.0 it is the same year when Galaxy Watch 4 was announced by Samsung with Wear OS. Thanks to Samsung's great design for their smartwatches it has helped a lot to boost Wear OS market. Before we had only a few smartwatches that shipped with Wear OS and they had poor battery life and features. With the launch of Galaxy Watch 4 that came with Samsung's One Ui skin on top of Wear OS it was received very well by the consumer market.

Google I/O showing Wear OS Growth

Furthermore Wear OS 4 was announced by Google that mainly focuses on fluidity and better battery life. We have to wait a bit kore to see what Samsung can bring on top of this Wear OS 4 with their One Ui 5 skin.